The Stolen Lands – a wilderness between the River Kingdoms and Brevoy, home to bandits and monsters, seemingly cursed to never know the rule of civilization, scattered with the ruins of fallen strongholds and desolate ghost towns. It is this wilderness that the Sword Lords of Brevoy have decided to explore, hiring would-be adventurers to map the wilderness and bring down the bandits who menace Brevoy’s southern border.

This is the tale of one such group, sent into the Stolen Lands to map the wilderness around Oleg’s Trading Post, and to bring justice to the outlaws who hide in the unmapped regions. An unlikely crew of adventurers – a half-orc alchemist with a passion for booze, a half-orc inquisitor who serves the unyielding rule of infernal Law, a half-orc oracle who reviles the gods, and a human spear-fighter hired to accompany them – they are group perhaps least likely to be expected to succeed.

What the Sword Lords, the bandit kings of the Stolen Lands, and other, more dangerous foes are unaware of is the sheer tenacity and and the subtle spark of greatness burning in the souls of these four as they venture into the wilderness to tame it and claim it.

To Steal the Stolen Lands

Delcan ArathenaSK