What You Hear

Rumor, myth, and legend. Sometimes all at once.

In Brevoy

  • Evil weather comes off of the Worldwound during the winter. Everyone bars their doors against strangers during a blizzard, and if you’ve any sense, you will too.
  • Towards the south of Brevoy, around and about old Rostland, they tell of how Aroden drove a cult of Deskari into the Lake of Mists and Veils before he ascended to godhood. In hushed voices, they may go on: Foul otherworldly creatures sometimes emerge from the lake to this day. People who live on the shore are said to have made a pact with them to ensure survival despite the harsh conditions of the northlands.
  • While the Surtovas may not have caused House Rorgarvia to vanish, they certainly saw it coming. How else can you explain their swift, bold action and seemingly perfect preparation to seize the Dragonscale Throne?

In the Greenbelt

  • Tatzlwurms. Seems like everyone has a story, and Oleg collects them to tell over the fire-embers with a mug of ale. He’d also like to collect a tatzlwurm head and will pay handsomely for it.

In the River Kingdoms

  • None yet.

What You Hear

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